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Different Types of Overhead Cranes

To often people use the term overhead crane to talk about all the different types of cranes. At Sissco we specialize in creating world-class cranes that are specific to fit you and your industries needs. As a result we make cranes like jib cranes, gantry cranes, workstation cranes, and bridge cranes. Your business is unique, and as such you need a crane that it built and optimized for what you are doing. We will work with your to come up with the best products and solutions for your business.

We can make:

Jib cranes: This is a type of crane that is partially horizontal. We use a jib or boom to support a movable hoist. The jib is usually fixed to a wall or a floor mounted pillar. You can find this cranes in factories and even on some military vehicles. The reason behind the boom/jib is so that you can have your crane rotate 360 degrees.

overhead crane serviceGantry cranes are primarily used to transport and lift smaller goods around a work area in a factory. Some of these machines have enclosed tracks, where as others have an I-beam. We can help you determine which would be better for your business. Sometimes other extruded shapes can be used for the running surface. At Sissco we do custom work, and so we can make sure your gantry crane is built to your company's exact needs and specifications. The cranes are designed to have a movable and stationary component: stationary for loading and movable for unloading. We can set your crane up with wire rope or a lower capacity chain hoist. No matter what your needs, we can help you.

A bridge crane is another type of crane found in industrial environments. A bridge crane (which is commonly referred to as an overhead crane) is made up of parallel runways. The runways have a traveling bridge that spans the gap. The lifting component, or the hoist, travels along the bridge.

Different overhead cranes function differently, and so it is important to know the distinctions. Even if you don't know what the best crane for you is we can still help you. We will take the time and effort to learn what your company does and what the best possible crane would be. We are in the business of helping others businesses do business. Adding an overhead crane to your factory or warehouse could help to optimize the workload you take on. We'd like to help you.

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