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Differences Between Hoists and Overhead Cranes

It is not uncommon for individuals to conflate two terms like adhesive bandage and Band-Air, or cement and concrete. A hoist and crane are machines that are both designed to make lifting and to move loads more simplistic, but although they are similar there are fundamental differences in usage and design.

A hoists sole function is to lift heave up and to put them back down. A crane can move in two to three dimensions, meaning that the crane can run along a suspended rail system. A hoist can be likened to an elevator, in that is goes up an down. A hoist is part of the crane, and the crane moves the hoist around.

A hoist is defined by three main characteristics, which includes:

The most commonly used cranes include:

At Sissco we design, install, maintain, and repair overhead cranes and hoists. We will help you acquire the best device for your needs and your facility. For overhead crane service or overhead crane repair, let us be your first call.

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