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Crane Tracking Issues

When doing work with your crane, you want to ensure that it is functioning properly. Several common problems can happen to your crane, and they all come with a host of consequences. If you are having an issue with your crane, you may want to contact an overhead crane service to deal with the issue.

One main thing to look for in your crane is that the rail(s) is aligned properly. For accurate tracking, the runway and bridge system has to be within CMAA Spec 70 tolerance, which requires the system to be square. The distance center to center of rails must be within +-⅛”.

When it comes to alignment, elevation is a crucial aspect. Check the elevation of the runway. Problems with elevation can cause the tracking to be off center. If your elevation is off, wheel flange wear and rail wear occur.

hoist repair

Sometimes you may notice tracking issues, but that may be caused by something else. Several crane issues could cause abnormal tracking that is unrelated to your runway or bridge squareness. You should inspect the following if you notice a tracking issue: different diameter bridge wheels; bent end trucks; bridge brakes not releasing simultaneously; bad bridge bearings; bad bridge couplings; various RPMs on drive wheels; different torque values on drive motors; and out of square bridge wheels.

If you notice a problem with your crane, you should contact a hoist repair NY service provider. They are able to provide proper hoist repair and make sure your crane is running smoothly again as soon as possible.


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