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Crane Services for Industrial Manufacturing

A quality overhead crane service is essential to industrial manufacturers across the US. The kind you use depends greatly on the type of industry you are engaged in. 

When choosing a crane for industrial manufacturing, it is important to keep in mind the requirements of your industry as well as basic information like the weight of the loads that need carrying. In general there are five types of overhead cranes in the industrial manufacturing industry:

  1. Industrial Cranes: These cranes are built to carry weights of one half to over one thousand tons. The cranes you choose should follow CMAA specifications and be OSHA certified.
  2. Process & Specialty Cranes: These cranes are built for the industry’s most demanding manufacturing processes and specialty applications. This can include foundries where hot metal is produced, paper mills, waste to energy plants, or coke handling. This can be used for much heavier lifting that includes steel production, the mining industry, the timber industry, the processing of petrochemicals, nuclear power, etc.
  3. Portal & Woodyard Cranes: These cranes often require less maintenance and prove to be more EFFICIENT. With these cranes, you are able to increase your company’s productivity, decrease the number of safety hazards on site, and increase the amount of uptime making your production more EFFICIENT.
  4. Nuclear Cranes: This overhead crane service is reserved for use in nuclear power facilities. These cranes, along with the operators, are built to pay strong attention to safety, the capability to handle extreme weight, and the ability to be reliable under dangerous working conditions.
  5. Light Duty Cranes: Overhead crane service can include workstation, jib, portable gantry, and wall console cranes. These smaller cranes are easy to install and offer smooth lifting services for your heaviest light load manufacturing needs.

The kind of overhead crane service you choose depends largely upon your company’s industrial needs. When speaking to a crane service professional, they will be able to you gauge the materials you have to lift and move, the amount of weight involved, and the rules and regulations involving your industry on the particular site you will be working at.

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