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Crane Safety and Signs

When dealing with the field of overhead cranes, it is imperative to maximize safe working conditions for all employees and pedestrians. If improperly used, overhead cranes are capable of causing expansive damage to property, tools, and even human health.  In order to limit such occurrences, most operations use safety signs as a means of alerting employees of the dangers in the area.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the most common crane injuries and causalities have been caused by crane malfunctions, collapses, contact with live wires, crane load drops, and being struck by the crane itself. Using signs to alert employees of the dangers of cranes is an excellent method to prevent injuries in the work place. In fact, OSHA mandates that all areas with a crane be well marked with signage. Operations that properly display hazard signs meet compliance and regulatory standards and present a safer work environment. 

There are a number of different safety signs that are appropriate for the overhead crane repair industry. Some delineate hazardous conditions, while others remind workers of certain tasks that need to be completed prior to overhead crane repair or operation. If you want to find out more about appropriate signs, contact a local overhead crane business for more tips and information.


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