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Crane Options and Possibilities

The benefit of installing overhead cranes in factories and warehouses that require material handling is clear and undeniable. This fact is not known by all industries because many still rely on lift trucks (and the like). The lifting truck is looked too as the default machine to use for moving heavy, bulky materials. This is especially the case when it comes to moving steel and other metals. It is not uncommon to find these trucks in a metal fabricating facility.

The trucks are convenient, and training workers to drive them is not difficult. In fact, it should only take 3-6 hours to properly train someone to drive and use these machines. Mastering the machine will take a bit longer.

Despite ease of use and training, these trucks might not be the best option for you and your company. There are several factors that should make you strongly consider an overhead crane as opposed to these trucks.

One of the main benefits of installing and using overhead cranes is the extra space it offers you and your workers. Some shops do not have ample space, and so clearing up the floor will allow for easier and more productive work. With the extra space, it is possible to install more machining/tooling stations. Trucks need space to operate and maneuver. Wouldn't it be nice to use this space for more beneficial and productive work?

For die and tool shops, a single overhead crane can serve and entire factory. You will be able to transport materials and goods through the whole length and width of your facility. Not only will this free up space, but it will also free workers to do more by themselves.

Traditionally, those who are trained to operate lift trucks only drive and operate lift trucks. These drivers might spend a good portion of a workday simply transporting materials here and there. Overhead cranes are easy to use, and so an individual worker can control the loading, moving, and unloading.  With overhead cranes, you do not have to dedicate workers to only transporting materials.

There are so many different options for cranes, and most cranes are customizable to fit specific needs of different industries. The most commonly used crane in the manufacturing world is an overhead bridge crane. The elevated tracks offer ease of use.

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