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Crane and Hoist Safety

Shipping In the bays of New York and New Jersey is an economic necessity for the region. Thousands of locals rely on the shipping industry as a steady source of income, and the great metropolis of NYC requires imports from around the world. Cranes and hoists in NY, NJ are used on a frequent basis to lift heavy materials. These machines are crucial for the manufacturing and construction industries. The technology has progressed with the need for more items to be lifted, which makes the machines more powerful and inherently more dangerous. There are many significant safety concerns to be aware of when operating a crane or hoist in NY. The operators and workers in proximity are all in danger of harm from these lifting devices.  Below is a list of what to do, and what not to do, when operating a crane or hoist.  By following these rules, a worker can ensure the safety of a product and the wellbeing of their own body.

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What to do:

What not to do:

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