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Common Crane Problems and How To Spot Them

Owning and operating an overhead crane is essential for many different industries. When those cranes break down, it can stop business in its tracks. As a result of being frequently used, cranes slowly show signs of wear and tear. There is no way to avoid normal operational degradation, but it is possible to spot problems early on—before they get big and can cause real trouble.
Overhead Crane Repair and Service Cranes are made up of many different small and large parts, so there are many ways for the machines to break. Although there are many ways a crane can stop functioning, there are four common problems that most crane operators experience.
The most commonly experienced crane problems is degraded and damaged wire ropes. Common wire rope problems include,

Another big problem area for cranes is alignment issues. Once a crane is out of alignment and skewing, it will cause significant distress and damage to the entire crane. The problem is terrible because forces that were unaccounted for during construction of a crane will cause stress on beams and the building’s support structure.
Thirdly, operators must be mindful of any excessive wear that is happening to end truck wheels. End truck wheels require frequent maintenance, adjustments, and replacements. Wheels naturally wear down with extended use.
Lastly, it is essential to pay extra attention to potential issues with electrical systems. It is not uncommon for us to repair problems with contact interruptions or problems with push button pendants.
We are skilled in overhead crane repair in NY. If you notice any problem, big or small, stop operations immediately and call for overhead crane repair.

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