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Common Hoist Questions

For many industries and businesses, having a fully operational crane is vital. To maintain machines in pristine conditions, two things must be consistently done: devices must only be operated by those who are trained and knowledgeable, and machines need frequent hoist service and maintenance. When training individuals, we hear lots of questions about using hoists and cranes. Below, we have compiled a small list of the most commonly asked questions we hear.

hoist repair and hoist service

When installing and using monorail systems, do the rails need to be labeled with the rated load? ASME guidelines (B30.11) do not require monorails to have load markings, but they do highly recommend it. Qualified individuals should determine and mark rated load on all monorail beams. The labeling should be visible on the ground floor.

Is it possible for the rated loads of a hoist/trolley to differ from the crane’s load? Yes, this is possible; however, the ASME stipulates that when this occurs the lowest rated individual component becomes the new system’s rated load.

Is it necessary to have annual load tests for hoists and cranes? No specific timetable is set up for load testing when there has been no alteration done to the original machine. Some states do mandate that roughly every four years hoists and cranes must be tested.

If you have specific questions about your hoist or crane, please do not hesitate to ask us. We should be your first call for hoists NY (hoist repair and hoist service).

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