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Common Chain Hoist Problems

Chain hoists are mechanical instruments that are capable of lifting and lowering heavy loads. An electric motor, a drum wheel, a chain, and a hook control this machine. To lift an object, the load must be affixed to the hook, and then appropriately hoisted to a specific area. Like all machines, chain hoists have the ability to malfunction. Below are some common problems that are associated with operating a chain hoist.

If the hoist on an overhead crane cannot lift a load, it is a sign that the load is too heavy for the hoist and needs to be reduced. If a chain hoist bears too much weight, it will malfunction and require extensive hoist repair. Make sure to check the weight of the lifting load and to compare that to the hoist's lifting chart. All hoists have approved operational weight limits.

If the hoist neither lifts nor lowers, it is most likely the result of a faulty emergency stop button or that the mainline switch is shut off.  If a fuse is blown, the hoist will not lift or lower is.  When this happens, the fuse needs to be completely replaced. The next diagnosis to run is to see if the motor in the chain hoist is overheated or burnt out. If these troubleshooting methods are ineffective, it is time contact a professional in the overhead crane repair or hoist repair industry.

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