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Common Issues with a Chain Hoist and Hoist Repair

Hoist Repair A chain hoist is a mechanical instrument that is used to lift and lower heavy loads.  It is a machine that is controlled by an electrically driven motor and a drum wheel that has a chain wrapped around it and a hook. The load is affixed to the hook and then hoisted to a designated area.  A chain hoist is a vital aspect of many industrial facilities. Without it, it would be much harder to lift and transport items that have substantial weight.  When a chain hoist is improperly functioning, it can lead to many headaches in a factory.  There are some basic troubleshooting techniques that a factory owner can run through in order to assess what is wrong with their chain hoist:

Hoist is incapable of lifting and lowering.

If a hoist is remaining stagnant when trying to pick up a load there may be an issue with the emergency stop button on the machine, or the mainline switch may be in the off position. If these aforementioned failsafe’s are in the correct positions, the next step is to check the hoist for a blown fuse and replace it if broken.  If the machine is located in a warm environment, it is likely to overheat. Check to see if the motor is overheated and give it a chance to return to a normal temperature. Lastly, the terminal screws and pendant plus pin can come lose, which would cause the machine to stop lifting. Tighten these aforementioned items in order to resolve the issue.

Hoist is unable to lift the load.

If the hoist is incapable of carrying the load, you may need to adjust the slip clutch or clutch torque. If the adjustments go in vain, it is necessary to replace the pieces entirely.  Next, make sure to see if the brake coil is properly releasing, If it isn’t, adjust the brake coil resistance.

Uncharacteristic noises.

If you experience an abnormal sound when lifting and lowering the chain hoist, it is probable that the chain needs to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. Regular maintenance and service should be provided to the chain host.  If the hoist is left neglected, it will most likely wear, and need to be replaced.

Hoist Repair

If there is a problem that you cannot figure out, it is always prudent to consult a trained professional in order to properly fix the hoist. If you attempt to provide service to a machine without the proper tools and expertise, you can cause further and more expensive damage.

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