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Can I Add a Collision Avoidance System to an Old Overhead Crane?

If you have an older crane, you may be wondering if installing a collision avoidance system is possible. Luckily, it is. The age of your overhead crane has nothing to do with the installation of a collision avoidance system. You will just need to take note of a few things before installing the system.

Before installing the collision avoidance system, you must pay attention to the control voltage required. The control voltage should match the current control voltage after installation. Doing this will avoid the operator from having to make significant changes to the existing crane control logic.

The operator needs to be aware of the current crane control the overhead machine has. Many older cranes will be operating with a contractor control. Luckily, this type of control will still allow for the installation of a collision avoidance system.

Before installing the system, the operator also needs to take note of the crane motions that will be applied to the collision avoidance. Some examples of motions are bridge to obstruction, trolley to trolley, bridge to bridge, and trolley motion to end of travel on bridge. The number of motions will determine the number of collision avoidance systems to install.

The last thing an operator must know before installing the system is the distance at which a collision avoidance system will trigger. You determine the distance according to the distances and speeds of the traverse motions.

No matter the age of the overhead crane, the operator must fully inspect the machinery before installing any system. You do not want to do an installation if any parts need repairing. If some parts do need fixing, contact a hoist repair company. A hoist repair NY company will be able to fix your overhead crane and ensure it is all set for an installation.

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