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Different Types of Bridge Cranes: Getting the Right Crane for Your Business

Bridge cranes come in different styles that differ for the benefit of industries. The differences are what allow specialized company to do what they do. Below we will be going over a few different types of bridge cranes and what they do. Hopefully this will help to inform you of some of your different options:

Single Girder Top Runner

If you are looking for the easiest way to get yourself a bridge crane, both in terms of cost and ease of installation, then you will want to consider a single girder. These machines can haul loads up to twenty tons. The machines usually have a forty to sixty foot span. This machine also provides decent headroom, which helps to make the machine even more economical.

Double Girder Top Runner

Although a single girder can haul up to twenty tons, you might not want to haul very heavy loads constantly. If you know you are working with consistent heavy loads, you will want to seriously consider a double girder. These machines work best when a normal load is either ten tons or above. These machines can all be built long as well. This means they can span from sixty to one hundred feet. Most commonly, you will see these cranes used when high speeds and heavy lifting is needed. The machines can even have add-ons built, such as crane lights, walkways, cables reels, and magnets.

Single Girder Under Runner

You might find a under runner in a stone fabrication plant because of these machines capacity to work with small loads. The machine helps to save space because the ceiling of the structure supports it. This machine works well with loads ten tons and under. Considering the structure is being used to support the machine, you have more options when it comes to the machines width and length. One special advantage of this machine is that you can use existing girders for securing a crane track.

Each of the above machines can be customized in terms of length, width, load capacity, and accessories. Different companies lift different products, and so a special crane, utilizing one of the three runner systems above, must be built for each business. Getting the right bridge crane or overhead crane can mean the difference between making money and losing money, so shop smart.


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