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Becoming a Certified Overhead Crane Operator

If you are looking for a stable, but flexible, career in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, overhead crane operation may be a suitable job for you.  Most industrial businesses require the use of an overhead crane to operate efficiently. In order to become a crane operator, it is important to become certified as a safe machinist. The NCCCO is an organization that establishes workers as certified overhead crane operator, and it is the best way to prove that you are capable of handling heavy-machinery.

Passing this operating test requires candidates to study for a written and practical exam in which each applicant is assessed on their ability to exemplify safe operational habits.  In addition to the practical and written exams, each candidate must be 18 years of age and comply with NCCCO’s physical requirements and substance abuse policies. Applicants must also be well versed on overhead crane repair and hoist repair, in order to pass the exam.

Getting into the field of overhead crane repair and operations is an excellent way to establish a secure career that will last a long period of time. These industries care deeply about the well being of their employees and want to establish the safest work environment for their workers.


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