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Avoiding Common Overhead Crane Repair Problems Pt.2

The last article we published began discussing five common overhead crane problems and how to avoid them. In this article, we intend to complete that list.

3) Excessive wear to end truck wheel

The end truck wheel is an essential part of an overhead crane that is known to require frequent adjustments, maintenance, and replacements. Everyday use, over the entire life of a crane, will wear down the wheel. Wheels are constructed in different materials, so it is necessary to get wheels that will best suit your application, usage, and environment. Heat treating is also implemented to increase the overall hardness of a wheel, which improves service life and load capacity.

If wheels or wheel bearings are breaking prematurely, it is a possible sign of skewing and improper tracking. Skewing will cause extensive wear and stress on wheels, the support structure, and runway beams.

To prevent premature wear on wheels and end trucks, the system should be tested and inspected by a trusted overhead crane manufacturer. If they notice any small problems, they will quickly supply overhead crane repair.

4) Problems with electricity

The electrification system of an overhead crane may require service or maintenance. The most common issues include

5) Damaged and bent hooks

Hooks are essential tools for holding loads in place while being lifted. If the load is not adequately supported, it will compromise the integrity of the hooks, which can cause cracking, bending, and stretching. After enough time, it is possible for a load to slip off the hook during use. Before each shift, hooks and other rigging hardware should be inspected and tested.

Overhead Crane Repair

Safety should be the most crucial part of a day’s work because it will keep your machines running, your employees healthy, and your company's name untarnished. For the best hoists NY has, you should give us a call.

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