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Avoiding Common Overhead Crane Repair Problems Pt.1

An overhead crane is no different from a car in that they both require regular maintenance. Purchasing crane systems is not cheap, and so inspecting and maintaining devices is the best way to protect your investment. Below, we will go over five common problems experienced when owning and operating cranes. It is essential to set up a consistent and regular inspection schedule for an overhead crane. You should also always follow all manufacturer’s recommendations for operation and maintenance intervals. Knowing what to look for will assist in preventing and mitigating problems.

The most common and easily spotted problem is damaged and degraded wire ropes. Users are likely to find broken and worn out wires, reduced rope diameter, and ropes that slipped out of reeving systems. There are a lot of operating conditions that negatively affect the well-being of wire ropes. For instance, bending, loading conditions, stresses, abrasion, sling design, corrosion, lubrication, and environmental conditions all factor into the longevity of rope services.

To prevent damage and failure, it is essential to check ropes before each shift. It is all too often that employees come into work and at once go for controls—without inspecting ropes. Do not forget to lubricate ropes adequately.

If an overhead crane is misaligned and kept in use, it can cause significant damages and stress to the entire crane. When not in proper alignment, the crane must account for forces that were not considered when designing and installing the system. Runway beams can get deformed and tie-backs can break. If you need overhead crane repair, you should reach out at once. Most commonly, misalignment problems cause:

Overhead Crane Repair

We will go over the other three in part two of this article. We know hoists NY.

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