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Age of Machine and Upgrading Collusion Avoidance Systems

Can the age of a crane or hoist prevent the system from having a collision avoidance system installed? Simply put, no, the age of a hoist or crane does not play a significant roll in the preventing of adding a collision avoidance system. hoist serviceAlthough collision protection can be added to an older system, necessary information is needed to ensure that the new system is applied correctly. Our talented team helps with hoist service, hoist installation, hoist modernization, and hoist repair.

To have a collision avoidance system added to an existing hoist or crane, the original machine must:

  1. Confirm the correct voltage needed, as to avoid mismatching current control voltage. Confirming these voltages ensures that no significant changes will be required to be made to the logic of existing controls. Typically, systems need between 12 and 240 VDC or VAC.
  2. The crane controller must be identified because determining the existing controls defines how outputs from the collision system are incorporated into existing control logic. Static sleepless control, variable frequency drive, and contractor control all require different outputs.
  3. The type of crane and amount of crane motions directly affects how avoidance systems should be applied. Another factor is distance and speed in which the hoist travels.

Our hoist services can help you modernize your system and make it safer to use. For more information about hoists NY, please reach out to us today.

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