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AC and DC Overhead Crane Controls

If you have an older model crane, there is a good chance it operates on DC power. When older models were built, DC was the more attractive option because it was easier to supply. The modernization of overhead cranes saw a shift to AC power. Switching from DC to AC power reduces energy consumption and operating costs.

While many companies wish to switch to AC power for its many benefits, it is not always feasible. A lack of AC power supply can make the switch a costly endeavor. It is a massive investment to switch an entire facility to an AC power supply. However, if your company can make the switch seamlessly, it is worthwhile.

If your DC powered overhead crane malfunctions, it would not be easy to fix.  Certain parts of DC technology are either incredibly expensive or no longer available. The parts that are available require long lead times which means your crane could be out of service for a long time.

The above issue is something you do not have to deal with when it comes to AC. AC power supply offers a wide array of parts for the modernization of your crane.
Also, a crane powered through AC has a longer lifespan. The variable frequency drives of AC systems provide less wear and tear which extends the life of a crane.

Here at Sissco, we specialize in overhead cranes and hoists in NJ. Our overhead crane service can provide your company with all the information you need to switch from DC to AC. Give us a call today!

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